Why ARG's are so compelling

Alternate Reality Games are great fun both to participate in and play, I've done both.

Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) are immersive and interactive storytelling experiences that blend elements of the real world with a fictional narrative. Participants engage with the game through various media, such as websites, social media, emails, phone calls, and even physical locations.

ARGs often involve solving puzzles, deciphering codes, and collaborating with other players to uncover the unfolding storyline. The boundary between the game and reality becomes blurred, as players work together to piece together clues, navigate challenges, and unravel the mysteries embedded in the narrative. ARGs have been used for marketing, entertainment, and educational purposes, providing a unique and engaging form of entertainment that encourages active participation and community involvement.

ARG elitists and purists

There are some purists out there that claim that there needs to be a specific list of criteria for something to be an ARG, but I disagree. All that is required is a good wrapper, some challenges and puzzles, and people who want to find out what is hidden, which is the whole reason why people commit to these.

Uncovering secrets together with other people is such a big part of why anyone wants to join in. For me, as an old-school dungeon master since the early 1990's, watching people doing just that is such an enjoyment, I cannot not do it.

Recent ARG's I've co-created

For the game Bloodhunt, me and my working-colleague, Mozzy, created an ARG in ten parts. It spawned an entire "hatch-cult" (the final challenge was locating a particular hatch in the game).

We're currently working on an ARG for the game Exoborne that we've titled RE_HACK. Feel free to check that out if you'd like to experience one first-hand.

- Tobias Solem Posted on: 2024-01-06 16:08:22


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